16 Cca Rules Rajasthan in Hindi

(3) In case of doubt: — (a) whether these rules or any of those rules apply to a person; or (b) if a person to whom these Rules apply is a member of a particular service, that matter shall be referred to the Government Appointment Department, whose decision shall be final for that person. 2. The authority with which the complaint is lodged may take charge of lodging a complaint with the relevant documents and the complainant`s opinion shall then be transmitted to that authority together with the relevant documents and the complainant`s opinion. 5. A suspension order made in accordance with this Rule may be revoked at any time by the authority presumed to have issued or adopted the order or by an authority to which that authority is subordinate. Article 33[edit] Review of orders made in disciplinary proceedings against members of the State services.—The Government may, voluntarily or not, request records in a case in which an order imposing one of the sanctions referred to in Article 14 has been imposed on a member of the State services, examine any order made in such a case and, After consulting the Commission, where such consultation is necessary; 2. This order shall contain the following instructions:— (i) Official Journal of the official who is the disciplinary staff member of the said common procedure. (ii) the Authority shall be responsible for imposing the terms of the penalties referred to in Rule 14; (iii) whether the procedures laid down in Rule 16 or 17 must be followed in the proceedings. Article 24[edit] In the case of an appeal decision, the authority issuing the decision shall make a certified copy of the decision available free of charge to the person against whom the decision was given within a reasonable time. (1) if the services of a civil servant: (i) to the central government (ii) to a public sector company registered under the Companies Act 1956 (Act No.

1 of 1956); or (iii) where the loan has been granted to an autonomous body under the control of the Government established by a law of the State or of the central legislature, hereinafter referred to in this Regulation as the borrowing party, the borrowing authority shall have the authority of the appointing authority for the purpose of suspension and the disciplinary authority to take disciplinary action against it. (09. G.S.R. 46 Notification No.